Kaleidoscope are adventurous games and workshops to inspires kids to enjoy sciences, tech, and to grow ecological awareness. Kaleidoscope empower youth with mentoring programs and activities

Fairytales reading

Fairy tales are essential stories for childhoods. fairytales teach kids about morality and consequences, and spark their imaginations.

Kids Screening

Every year during the festival public and private middle school are invited to participate to enjoy ecological animated movies and documentaries.

Kids Workshops

Kids build confidence with fun and engaging experiences such as storytelling fairytales, discover your brain, and by participating to tech and music workshops.

Meet the Pros

Meeting and debate with professional filmmakers, producers, casting directors which aims young professionals to have a better understanding of a challenging sector.


We encourage young creatives pros and students to learn new skills and be able to make experiences in order to facilitate the access to the creative workplace.

NeXt Generation

We offer opportunities to young filmmakers to screen and present theirs works in a big screen in front of a professional audience.


Empowering kids through fairytales workshops, encouraging them to invent their own stories, allow intergeneration to meet.


Kaleidoscope; A continually changing pattern of shapes and colors.

Kaleidoscope stories

With the program Kaleidoscope, the festival du film merveilleux offer activities for Kids & Youth.

The different storytelling workshops, fairytales reading, workshops ( Earth, Tech, music, science and neuroscience ) screenings aim to facilitate access to culture, cinema and to raise awareness of the environment.

The activities are free of charge and are directed to different members of the public (intergenerational, children with illnesses and disabilities, amongst others). These children come from different social backgrounds. We encourage different members of the public to join.

The Festival du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire travel to offer children the see preview showings of films. The children will be able to see the films and vote for their favorite. The viewings will also be an opportunity for us to invite film makers to speak about their work with the young spectators.

Mentoring programs and Next generation screening are providing a framework to young participant for improving individual leadership style and developing news skills.

Partners : thanks to Google, Théâtre Douze, Unesco ( under patronage ), L'institut Français de Londres, Surfrider foundation, L’Association Kid It, Coglab & Cogni Junior, Mairie de Paris, Mairie du Douze, La ligue d'enseignement, Emotions Synesthèses, le centre d'animation ravel, L'IME Anne Raillon, l'hôpital Saint Maurice, le centre sociale de la croix saint Simon, Le festival des jardins, TeamTo, Cube Creative, Le festival Art 2 jours, le Festival du Film d'animation de Paris Croq'anime